Decatur Makers

605 W. Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, Georgia

Phone: (678) 304-7395

Decatur Makers is a community of inquisitive and motivated kids and adults who get together for hacking, science, arts and crafts, wood and metal working, electronics, robotics, 3D printing, textiles, digital design, programming and more.  We work in a welcoming, safe, family-friendly space that feels like a cross between a mad scientist lab, a hip art studio, and a startup incubator.   Our community works together to Build, Share and Explore.

Build: People in our community create, tinker with, and invent things in both the physical and digital worlds. Our community is entrepreneurial and innovative. We want to invent new products and build small businesses.

Share: We love to learn new things and teach people what we know. We share our knowledge with classes, intergenerational mentorships, and informal social collaborations.

Explore: We are curious and creative. Sometimes what we make serves no practical purpose except the pleasure of creating. It may be art or just doing something for fun. We also want to explore and understand the world around us by using science, mathematics, art, engineering and technology.