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Envision a fresh perspective on your own style within your space and how that will feel. TheClubhou.se member Rebekah Correll assists clients in achieving that by developing interior designs which she likens to experiential art. She says, “The home should reflect those who live there.” With that in mind, Rebekah set the course for providing people access to affordable interior design that puts them at the center of the process.

Rebekah studied Interior Architecture and Design at Samford University and was always in the studio, she said. “We had a very tight-knit community in the design department and we all loved working on our projects together!” Following graduation, Rebekah landed in Charlotte and began working part-time for a large E-design company while searching for a full-time role in traditional design firm. Over the course of a year with the company, Rebekah discovered she loved working remotely and, specifically, in residential design. “During my time with the large E-design company,” Rebekah shared, “I realized that the online design process had a lot of room for improvement, so I decided to build my own company and create a better design and more personal product for clients .”

She founded Transparent Interiors in 2018 in Charlotte, NC as an interior design side-hustle, though it soon developed into her passion project. Transparent Interiors is an online, interior design service. While the business is now technically located in Augusta, GA, being an online service enables Rebekah to work with clients from anywhere in the world. Rebekah explains, “If you have access to the internet, I can work with you! I use a fast and simple process that is personal, but also affordable, giving my clients a great design in just three weeks. The process also includes a realistic rendering of the newly designed space so clients can see exactly what their design will look like before making any purchases or changes.”

Rebekah begins the process with establishing the inspiration and needs of the space. The floor plan is to reflect the client’s personality and the intended functionality of the space. The next step is the Mood Board which is comprised of the sourced items, the main focus of the room, and this establishes an overall design. All of this gets factored into the Design Board Rendering which Rebekah feels is groundbreaking for helping clients to visualize the space. Rebekah then delivers an Implementation Plan to the client with installation guides.

Once a client has the design, they have flexibility to work with the recommendations and their budget. Rebekah wants people to understand, “design can be accessible. Hiring a designer does not mean you do not have your own style. Like a personal trainer, hiring a professional designer to assist you allows the process to be less time-consuming, stressful, and expensive.” A recent husband and wife client required the delicate balance of handling opposing styles. The wife had a West-Coast-mixed-with-modern style, and the husband was more traditional. Rebekah loved the challenge and was able to successfully combine their stylistic personalities.

Rebekah was asked how working out of theClubhou.se has been helpful, “More than I could have ever expected! The Startup Life program has not only given me fantastic resources: mentors, food, opportunities, but has also given me an invaluable community. The group at theClubhou.se has been a support team while I have grown my company and has offered me chances to learn from so many people who have gone before me and have been so successful.”

Considering the challenges associated with entrepreneurship, Rebekah responded, “Time is a precious resource and being able to invest my time in something I am so passionate about is such a gift. Being able to devote myself to creating something that will inspire and benefit people has been so rewarding.”

Learn more about Transparent Interiors at https://transparentinteriors.com


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