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This article was originally published at The member Gordon Jones has organized a blockchain meetup at with strong interest in cryptocurrency. Developers have also joined in to explore applications such as supply-chain management and be used to organize and track permanent records such as property titles, deeds, drivers’ licenses, and identity in general.

There is a similar group in Atlanta, though nothing existed locally until the group of enthusiasts got together at recently. The conversation centers on how the group can build an infrastructure to take advantage of the economic development opportunity of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency in the Augusta area.

Georgia and South Carolina are states which do not have clear lines drawn on how to operate a cryptocurrency business. With this in mind, Gordon has created this group to educate those interested on the legal workings of the new technology. Gordon’s personal focus is on cryptocurrency-based businesses, having shared, “Wyoming has led with legislation to create a legal framework on which entrepreneurs can depend to build their business model. This helps lessen the chance of being shut down for not working within traditional business. Colorado, Utah, and Nevada have similar initiatives, though have not passed legislation. South Carolina has a bill in the Senate and a similar one in the House.” Gordon is definitely enthusiastic about the future of cryptocurrency, though also the way blockchain technology can be integrated to existing platforms.

Join him and the rest on June 6th for the next meetup!




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