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     Through a work-study partnership with Augusta University, brought on two interns this past semester: Acely Llovet and Stephanie Calderon-Lopez. They are both rising Juniors from the Metro-Atlanta area. Acely became involved with after our team determined she would be a great fit for the Marketing Assistant position we had posted. Stephanie heard about through Acely who recommended her for the Administrative Assistant job.

     Acely is a Business Marketing major interested in learning the aspects of a business that lead to its success, from accounting and finance to management and marketing. On deciding what to do for a career, Acely said, “There wasn’t an exact moment. It was something that happened gradually over years of working with my parents in the event staffing business and seeing the beauty behind the process.” Her parents’ business has been built on quality, integrity, and reputation. She says she’ll spend the summer working with a variety of events planners before returning to in the fall.

     Stephanie is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance. She shared, “Throughout my college career I have not been too sure about what I have wanted to do for the rest of my life. My dilemma seems to be that I have interest in everything but lack passion for anything in particular. Currently, I am interested in how money works. How to earn it, how to keep it, and how to spend it wisely.” She is now considering investments and corporate banking. Stephanie said that finance has presented itself as “a new language to understand how business works.”

     Both of their parents have their own businesses which have served as wonderful examples of entrepreneurship. Each have taken insights they have learned so far in class and offered them to their parents for consideration in their respective businesses.

     Being involved with has allowed Acely to “test the marketing waters and see what it’s like in the real business world and all the hard work that goes into it.” Stephanie says it has been beneficial to see the variety of small businesses working out of, “I have seen so many different people and how hard they work to achieve their own goals, it makes me realize that I can do the same.”

     We here at appreciate their contributions over the last few months. We look forward to Acely’s return in the fall and wish Stephanie the best of luck as she transfers to Georgia State University for the fall semester.


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