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Originally from Metro-Atlanta, Selina Beasley most recently spent a couple of years in Greensboro, North Carolina working as a lab technician. The redundancy of lab work left much to be desired and Selina took the opportunity to explore the more creative world of computer programming. Selina decided to learn web development on her own, starting at the front with HTML and CSS. By the time she got to JavaScript, she figured she could benefit from a class and found her way to’s Code Boot Camp. Now halfway through the 12-week intensive, Selina is getting an introduction to JavaScript and PHP, and for the first time, developing databases. Speaking about her most recent project, Selina shared, “I am working on building a tech-oriented personal website where I can post regular blogs and showcase actual coding.”

Though new to Augusta, Selina can see the potential the city has to offer. When asked what she would like to see happen in Augusta in the next 5-10 years, “I would want to see more affordable housing and improved public transportation for lower income individuals, as this will benefit the entire city of Augusta.”

The intent of is to foster a community of innovation, whether it happens in technology, developing a business, or within yourself. The Code Boot Camp at has enabled Selina to innovate herself. When asked about which of the Core Values of Selina felt she most embodied, she responded with, “Risk Boldly! I am taking a big risk in changing careers from being lab tech to a web developer. As a techie, I have always enjoyed technology and worked with data in R, a statistical programming language.” Selina says her next language to tackle will be Python.

“Being a member of has allowed me to learn marketable programming skills more in depth. I have really enjoyed figuring out a solution to a problem in class. Developing solutions from given data is satisfying when creating applications. And I like the finality to projects with this career change to web dev.”



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Located in a historic 1802 Schoolhouse, our space is divided into two wings. One for learning and prototyping, and one for coworking and business incubation. Our membership comes from a wide variety of backgrounds that all consider themselves some measure of hacker, maker, and doer. I am an architect. We have entrepreneurs, business people, teachers, engineers, designers, artists, and Jacks and Jill’s of all trades, and of course many software and hardware developers.

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