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Mordecai Evans genuinely wants you to make the most of who you are and what you endeavor to create as an entrepreneur. Self-employed as an agent of Integra Business Brokers, Mordecai works with the owner, Tim Dalton to, “help business owners through the process of selling when they’re ready to exit. In addition, we help buyers through the buying process to ensure a smooth transition for both parties.” Considering the multiple facets to business broker- ing, it is helpful to have business ownership experience as well as the ability to sell and influence people. “Integra has completed over 300 business sales over more than 20 years, and I’ve spent over 20 years in sales, marketing and business ownership which has served me well.”

In 2003, Mordecai opened his first company, HCMS, an employee testing firm, specializing in assessments for optimized job fit. Along with a variety of smaller clients, Mordecai secured a largeone: Pfizer. Working with a Fortune 50 company gave Mordecai the opportunity to hone his skills in time management as he worked with company executives to help them identify and select the right people to hire. In 2005, Pfizer went through a company-wide reorganization which concluded being a client of HCMS. As the largest client of HCMS,this departure created a void which led to Mordecai shutting down the operation.

For the next ten years, Mordecai worked in the pharmaceutical industry, unfulfilled because it was a job working for somebody else. Mordecai wanted more control over his life and opportunities. In 2013, he started Gideon Health, a healthcare marketing firm; and in 2015, he left the pharmaceutical industry to run the company full-time and has not looked back.

Through all of these experiences, Mordecai has been driven by a passion for business. “I am fascinated by free enterprise and find entrepreneurs and their businesses interesting,” elaborating, “I want to have an impact. To do so, you have to get behind your customer’s eyes and understand what they are looking for. You have to always be in the mindset of adding value for someone else. It’s the only way to succeed in business. Everyone wants to be understood. In the end, people are people.”

As wonderful an opportunity as it was to have Pfizer as a client, the lesson Mordecai walked away with was to not put all your eggs in one basket. Mordecai now works directly with a variety of business owners who have built their companies and developed a solid customer base over many years. “I’ve always been interested in the diversity of businesses that exist,” he said. “Be- ing a business broker allows me the opportunity to interact with all kinds of businesses and personalities which is exciting!” Along those lines, Mordecai shared, “theClubhou.se is an awesome collaborative work space which has allowed me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of like-minded individuals. If I need help in an area where I’m not proficient, I can always find someone there to provide sound advice.”

Once a business owner has decided to exit, the real work begins. “We like to help business owners prepare the business for sale at least one year before they’re actually ready to sell, utilizing our Value Builder Program to help owners improve the value of their companies and make the business more attractive to prospective buyers.” The average transition takes six to twelve months from listing to closing, so patience is the key to finding the right buyer.One of the hallmarks of an attractive, saleable business is that it does not require all of the owner’s efforts to conduct the day-to-day activities. This type of business makes it easier for the buyer to transition into their new role as owner. Mordecai closed with, “I am often asked ‘When is the best time to start planning my exit?” My answer is, ‘The day you start the business!’”


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