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How did you come to be a member of

I first read about when I searched Google for hackerspaces in Augusta, GA. I am drawn to the resourcefulness of people in hackerspaces. I once saw a project that used a breadboard literally made out of a breadboard with nails and copper wire. Being around creative people helps me look at problems differently. It’s helped me see that there aren’t really right answers to problems just that some are better than others. 

Describe the moment you decided what you wanted to do with you life?

The biggest turning point in my life was when I decided to study physics. I was horrible at math and science all of my life. I realized that all this time I was scared of what I really wanted to do. I wanted to understand physics, but the fact that I failed so many times made me think it was out of reach. I was so scared of failing I took studying seriously. I eventually got my B.S. in physics. Now I tutor kids in science and I am trying to become a web developer.

What do you do in your current work?

I am currently an intern with the Code Boot Camp at When I am not in class, I tutor physics, math, and chemistry on the side and sell things on the internet.

What is an expertise you have that you would like to share with others?

I really like working with hardware. I have half a dozen breadboard projects sitting around my computer room. I am really into using micro-controllers for environment sensing. I like the DHT-22 temperature and humidity sensor. It’s a go to for me to get an app started. 

What are you tinkering with at the moment?

Lately, I have really gotten into IoT (Internet of Things). I have dabbled with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, particle photon, and AVR-IoT. The coolest thing that I am working on is a competition project for Electromaker. I am using an AVR-IoT board to count the frequency of room usage based on light changes and recording those changes in Firebase. I plan to build a front-end web page that can display all of the data.

What are you interested in learning?

I am interested in learning about web frameworks. Through the Code Boot Camp I have learned about web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS. I would like to see how these technologies can be used to build full scale web apps through something like Angular or React.

What is your favorite sci-fi movie?

I would say Pi by Darren Aronofsky. Up until I saw that movie I only saw sci-fi movies like Star Wars. Which by the way there is no problem with Star Wars, but Pi was special in that it made the madness of a crazed mathematician interesting.

If you have not lived all of your life in Augusta, where else have you lived?

I grew up in Perry, NY. Then I was an exchange student in Mendoza, Argentina, after which I taught English in Riobamba, Ecuador. My family moved to Charlotte, NC so I went to community college in Charlotte. Then I transferred to UNC in Raleigh, then moved to Buffalo, NY for a new job. Finally I moved to Augusta, GA with my girlfriend as she is going to medical school here.

If you could see one thing happen in Augusta in the next 5 – 10 years, what would it be?

I would like to see a revitalization of the downtown area. There is a lot of cool architecture just kind of sitting there. It would be cool if the defunct or dismayed buildings got updated with colorful artwork. Murals would be great. Also, communal living like hostels would be exciting. I actually think that Augusta has a lot of beautiful scenery nearby. It would be nice to see more visitors exploring what’s available. Core Values are: Risk Boldly, Honor Your Commitments, Be Worthy of Trust, Give More Than You Take, and Share Solutions. Which core value do you best exemplify and why?

I would say honesty because that is my main virtue. I know what it’s like to be dishonest. I used to complain and make excuses for myself all the time. Then when I finally had to figure out how to live on my own honesty saved me. It was through honesty that I began writing down goals and following the courses of action that I need to follow to obtain them

How has being a member of helped your endeavors?

I am in a class that is undoubtedly helping me develop the necessary skills to be a more accomplished web developer. I really don’t have an excuse to not be a web developer after this. I think this is an amazing opportunity and I am grateful for it everyday that I come into class.


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