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Phuong Nguyen is always looking for new partnerships and opportunities. He likes being involved and building something-something worthwhile, be it a company or system. That inclination brought him to theClubhou.se.

His most recent venture is Flooring Pros, which specializes in selling and installing all kinds of flooring at affordable prices and quality service. It’s a pitch in which the aspect of quality and affordability is the foundation of the business. Phuong learned from other businesses that, “credibility and trust go a long way. Customers trust you to do a good job, and we deliver. A failing company is one that does not listen to their customers.”

Founded just over a year ago with a friend with over ten years experience in flooring, Flooring Pros is set up at 246 Bobby Jones Expressway. Phuong handles the backend of the business, focusing on marketing and sales. On the topic of going into business with a friend as his business partner, Phuong shared, “We’ve been friends for quite some time and I trust his knowledge in the business, his work ethic and his morals.”

Phuong grew up in Augusta. When asked what he was like in school, he said, “Typical Asian – My only focus was to make good grades for fear of being disowned by my entire family lineage.” He attended Augusta University at first and originally considered being a Computer Science major. CS did not really excite him, so he switched to Information Management Systems and transferred to the University of Georgia.

After graduating in 2007, Phuong moved to Atlanta to join the corporate world as an IT Consultant. Jet-setting around the country to cover five states in different regions was fun and exciting. After a year or so though, it began to be a tiring endeavor. And then the 2008 financial crisis happened. This was an eye-opening moment for Phuong and he realized he wanted to have more control over his work. Entrepreneurship was the answer with an added bonus: “Providing a solution and a service to meet the needs of many helps me know that I’ve contributed to society in a positive way.”

Real estate investment provided Phuong and his sister their first venture together, and they became passionate about it. They began with single-family residences and then scaled to multi-family, and eventually into commercial property. This has gotten him to where he is today, sharing that for his next venture, he wants to invest in an IT company, returning to his first passion in college.Working out of theClubhou.se is part of that process. “It’s been a wonderful experience,” Phuong said. “It has connected me to great people and brilliant entrepreneurs. We’ve shared and learned new ideas that have helped each other grow.”

Phuong’s best advice: “Treat people with respect and honesty. You don’t have to be the smartest person but you have to have grit and determination!” This rings true with theClubhou.se core values of Honor Your Commitments and Be Worthy of Trust. We think Phuong accentuates the culture of theClubhou.se quite well.


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