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Rebecca Best wove herself into theClubhou.se community via TEDxAugusta and SantaCon. She recently set up shop at our location in the Cyber Center and has quickly settled into the daily activity.

What is the business?

Emineo Marketing is a full service marketing agency that acts as our clients outsourced director of marketing.  We approach each client in a customized manner to understand their goals and needs and create a plan to achieve success for our clients.  We are successful when they are successful!

When and where did you found it?

I founded Emineo Marketing in June 2015 from my kitchen table, as most businesses start.  I am happy to have my new home in theClubhou.se!

Where is the business now?

Emineo is now located in theClubhou.se in the Georgia Cyber Center and we love our new home!

What were you like in school?

I was the extrovert – still am!  I love meeting new people and learning about their journeys.  I think that is why I love helping businesses tell their stories and creating ways for them to engage their target audience.

Any extra-curricular activities?

I was a cheerleader, so cliché for an extrovert!  I actually cheered for Augusta State University for a year too!

Any significant experiences/skills that influenced your business?

I am sure that being the oldest of five children, all girls, has had a positive effect on me somehow!  Plus I was raised by a Yankee Italian mama in the south so I’m an oxymoron. I was taught strength and resilience from my family but living in the south has taught me about grace and charm.

Any previous entrepreneurial experience? Lessons learned?

No previous experience but I somehow always manage to lead groups and people.  Lessons learned? The major one is that going to business school and owning/running a business are two very different things.  I’m happy for the education because it has helped me understand the vernacular and the importance of the pieces of a business that need to be managed but there are some things you have to experience and just can’t be taught when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

What appealed to you about entrepreneurship?

I love and crave flexibility so working for myself feeds that desire.  I also love getting to work with a variety of businesses and industries.  I am a lover of learning and when your client base spans across different areas you are always learning!

How did you get the idea?

I was a director of marketing for years for the largest local CPA firm in Augusta.  I had other business owners call me all the time and say, “how do I hire a you?”. I decided to make hiring me a possibility!

How has your idea progressed over time?

While I position Emineo as being an outsourced director of marketing for businesses I am focused on growing my team and still offering the traditional services of a typical advertising agency.  We employ strategy and goal setting first and want to keep it at the forefront of everything we do for our clients. We don’t want to just spend your media budget.

How did you find your co-founders?

No co-founders but I do have one employee and she used to be a student of mine when I was teaching marketing at the Hull College of Business at Augusta University.

How did you fund the business?

Me, Myself and I.  Thankfully in the beginning overhead was low so I was able to scale somewhat before increasing my expenses.

How did you market your business?

WOM.  My time spent networking and serving on various non-profit boards and committees was time well spent.  I can honestly say that every piece of business I have received has been from a direct contact or a referral.  My relationships are invaluable to me and always will be. I cannot thank those who were with me from the beginning enough for believing in me and giving me a chance.

How did you choose who to hire?

If I hear myself in the potential hire then they will most likely be a good fit!

Who are your main competitors?

There are many entering the market claiming to be marketing experts, especially in the digital space.  Digital marketing is an ever evolving elephant that is something to constantly be learning about. Other than that I believe that traditional ad agencies and creative firms are our competition because we can do what they do.  I feel we are different because of the emphasis we place on strategy and planning.

What have you learned from your competitors?

Don’t overpromise and under deliver.  Be transparent. Charge what you are worth.

What does a typical day involve for you? How does that compare to your team? How has this changed over time?

A typical day involves a wide spectrum of tasks from meeting with a prospective or current client, approving design work, launching new projects or campaigns.  It’s never a dull moment but that is what I love about it. As the team has grown there are a lot of brainstorming conversations that take place about clients and our growth.

Favorite books?

I love The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  He has another book called The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster that I recommend as well.  I also love Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. For pleasure I’m a big Liane Moriarty fan, she wrote Little Big Lies that became an HBO series.

Favorite movies?

Anything Adam Sandler is in – he’s hilarious.  I also love Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing, I know cheesy, but I grew up with those movies and they are classics to me!

Favorite entrepreneurs?

Tory Burch and Sarah Blakely, women who have built their brands and own their space.

Best piece of advice?

Just start.

Common misconceptions about your business/entrepreneurship in general?

I think when people look at Emineo they see me, which is a good thing because I definitely bring something to the table, however, I want people to see that Emineo is an actual team of people, even if we aren’t housed under the same roof.

What is next for your business?

I am hoping to bring on an Account Manager in 2019 to help grow and manage clients.  I would like to spend more time managing Emineo and focusing on my business but will not compromise the investment into my clients.  I want to provide the best value to our clients that my company can.

What next for you?

My goal is to start teaching classes at theClubhou.se for small businesses who want to learn more about marketing.  I want to develop curriculum that I can provide to help educate and train others. One of my personal life mottos is “share the knowledge.”

How has working out of theClubhou.se benefitted your company?

The interaction with others has been so worthwhile!  I’ve enjoyed meeting entrepreneurs and finding ways to collaborate.  I also feel that it’s given Emineo some credibility and validity to being in business, it’s just a different perception than, “I work from home” and my business is definitely seeing the reward for making the investment in being a part of theClubhou.se community.


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