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Shirlonda Evans-McCain has pieced together a career for herself from a variety of endeavors and has arrived in a position to assist others in their personal growth. Shirlonda is participating in the inaugural Startup Life program of theClubhou.se, made possible with a grant from the Kauffman Foundation.

What is the business?

Peacing Life Together is a life coaching practice that specializes in personal growth and loss & grief recovery.  The clients we serve are often faced with challenges like self-confidence or are going through major changes in their life such as death of a loved one, divorce, career change, and other life-altering factors.

When and where did you found it?

I founded Peacing Life Together in January of 2017 in Augusta, Georgia.

Where is the business now?

Peacing Life Together is located at 540 Telfair Street Augusta, GA 30901

What were you like in school?

I was a laid-back student. I didn’t have many friends because I was not comfortable with starting conversations. When I did make friends they were in almost every clique. Sports were not my thing. I worked a part-time job throughout my high school years at a fish market and as an Assistant Manager at Captain D’s.

Any extra-curricular activities?

Not really. Working was my focus due to low finances at home. I come from a family of five other siblings and one working parent. I did not feel comfortable asking for the money for extra-curricular activities.

Any significant experiences/skills that influenced your business?

My upbringing is what influenced me. While growing up, no-one talked to me about leadership, money management, or other life skills needed to succeed in this ever changing world. Now I want to be able to give back to my community and be the person I needed as a kid.

Any previous entrepreneurial experience? Lessons learned?

Definitely! I operated a daycare for four years, clothing store for two years, and a non-profit for seven years. The biggest lessons I learned were to continue my business education, and develop a self-care plan by involving a team of experts so I would not become overwhelmed.

What appealed to you about entrepreneurship?

I really enjoy having control over my life and the ability to employ others.

How did you get the idea?

After writing my book, Mindset Change 101, I realized I have the ability to help others individually, and in a group setting, to set goals for their lives.

How has your idea progressed over time?

After having a few clients, I began to notice a pattern that they primarily needed assistance in personal growth and loss & grief.  They found themselves not being able to understand and process how to get through uncontrollable situations that happened to them in their childhood or as an adult.

How did you fund the business?

I funded Peacing Life Together through private funding, working as a licensed Real Estate agent, selling my book, Mindset Change 101, and client retention.

How did you market your business?

I market Peacing Life Together though radio, print, and social media, and by word of mouth.

How did you choose who to hire?

I choose to hire an applicant based on their education, interests of helping people, personality, and skill sets.

Who are your main competitors?

My main competitors are those in the mental health profession, and other life coaches who specialize in personal growth and loss & grief.

What have you learned from your competitors?

I have learned to be me, market my business, network with other professionals, and provide great customer service.

What does a typical day involve for you? How does that compare to your team? How has this changed over time?

I don’t have “typical days”. I’ve learned to go with the flow of things. However, I do have planned activities to keep Peacing Life Together moving forward. My team and I have learned to be flexible with the needs of our clients. I started off with a routine, but over time I learned that each day is unique.

Favorite books?

The Bible, my book Mindset Change 101, and The Purpose Driven Life.

Favorite movies?

Hidden Figures, Step Brothers, and Coming to America

Favorite entrepreneurs?

Motivational speakers Lisa Nichols, Joyce Meyers, and Les Brown.

Best piece of advice?

Always remember the quality of life increases when your mindset changes.

Common misconceptions about your business/entrepreneurship in general?

That personal growth is only for people who are struggling.

What is next for your business?

I have been working towards partnering with churches, funeral homes, and hospice care to provide training for their staff and/or workshops for their clients and customers..

What next for you?

I would like to continue the balance between family and career, networking with like-minded individuals, and continuing my education as a life learner.

How has working out of theClubhou.se benefitted your company?

Working with theClubhou.se has connected me with great resources such as having a set location for Peacing Life Together. They also provided me with ongoing entrepreneur training, networking events, and a mentor to help guide me. theClubhou.se and their members have been a key to the success of my business. I felt welcomed and learned from other members dealing with similar successes and failures.

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