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Dan Bjorklund is solid with his word and timely with a smile. He’s been a member of our community for a couple of years now and he couldn’t be more excited for the rise of cyber in the Augusta area.

1: How did you come to be a member of

I was describing a personal project to a friend from Augusta and he mentioned as a place where maker-focused and entrepreneurial folks hang out. “My kind of place,” I said to myself. So, I visited, met Eric and Grace, and was immediately impressed by their mission and purpose. I became a member (has it been 2 years?) and have enjoyed the time I’ve spent there. 

2: Describe the moment you decided the work you wanted to do?

My primary focus is Information Assurance and Security, Cybersecurity being a part of that. I’m a retired Army officer, and most all my military career involved protecting information and systems to ensure they are always ready to be used. That 20+ year journey ingrained many of the ideas and concepts that we now call cybersecurity. So, it was a natural evolution.

3: What do you do in your current work?

Primarily cybersecurity consulting and research. Consulting for a few local small businesses, and some additional work and research for larger companies that work with the U.S. Government.

4: What is an expertise you have that you would like to share with others?

The ability and process to implement foundational cybersecurity measures without breaking the bank. There are many open source and freely available methods to significantly increase privacy and security. Interestingly, many of the well-known commercial solutions incorporate and build upon these same resources. Cybersecurity is, more than anything else, changing processes and habits.

5: What are you tinkering with at the moment?

I’m a Raspberry Pi fanatic! Ok, fanatic may be too strong a word, but I really enjoy using these platforms and creating IoT devices to do a myriad of tasks. My current project ties in with another interest: flying. I’m building a Raspberry Pi-based camera that can track my airplane as I fly around my local airport, taking pictures.

6: What are you interested in learning?

As noted above, I’m training to be a private pilot which entails a lot of study, in addition to flying. After meeting that certification goal, I plan to continue learning and training to reach commercial pilot certification. With the growing popularity of drones, flying taxis and such, I can see a need for licensed and qualified pilots for some time to come.

7: What is your favorite sci-fi movie?

Toss-up between “The Fifth Element” and “Serenity”.

8: If you have not lived all of your life in Augusta, where else have you lived?

As a retired military guy, my family and I have lived in a few places including: Tacoma WA, Fayetteville NC, Misawa Japan, Frankfurt Germany, Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, and California. Also have had some short stays in the Philipines, Iraq, Kuwait, and even Russia.

9: If you could see one thing happen in Augusta in the next 5 – 10 years, what would it be?

Tough one…….. better roads?

10: Core Values are: Risk Boldly, Honor Your Commitments, Be Worthy of Trust, Give More Than You Take, and Share Solutions. Which core value do you best exemplify and why?

Probably ‘Be Worthy of Trust’ more than any other. Like most other military veterans, we established and value trust and responsibility as part of our daily lives: trust in each other and our skills and capabilities. That attitude doesn’t evaporate once we leave the service and can be a powerful asset in the things we choose to do. It also serves quite well in cybersecurity. A cybersecurity professional is often trusted with the intricate details of systems, as well as the information and data they may contain. Without that trust, we’d be ineffectual and unable to truly reduce risk and the threat of compromise.

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