Code Bootcamp 3: Four Weeks In

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Code Bootcamp is in full swing! After four weeks of non-stop lecturing and labs, the students have the basic HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL skills to get started on real world projects.

In week five, the class met seven potential clients. Two were chosen and the afternoon was set aside to meet with the chosen clients. Following selection, they learned and discussed basic agile software development methodologies. After the setup of some Kansan boards, the teams set to work.

The teams are currently working on website overhauls for Dino’s Arcade and Art The Artist. They attend daily stand up meetings every morning around 9 a.m. to check in with each other and stay on track. They also meet with their prospective clients weekly in order to confirm they are properly displaying their clients vision.

Everyone is motivated but they are still looking forward to spring break during the week of the Masters Tournament. This will be followed by two weeks of finalizing their current projects and finally presenting them to their clients.

Stay tuned for more as we work towards the summer!

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