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Sallie Shuford has been in orbit around for years as a volunteer with TEDxAugusta and circulating through various events. She recently joined up as member to work out of the space when downtown. Meet Sallie!

1: How did you come to be a member of

I’ve been involved with in one way or another since the old days on Broad Street because I enjoy meeting people outside of my usual milieu, and I enjoy working with events…right now I’m on the TEDxAugusta planning committee.

2: Describe the moment you decided what you wanted to do when you grew up?

Um… still haven’t decided.

3: What do you do in your current work?

Currently, I serve clients in the CSRA as Your Hometown Girl + Realtor. I am licensed in GA and SC. My current specialty is residential real estate.

4: What is an expertise you have that you would like to share with others?

I enjoy sharing planning and organization skills with others.

5: What are you tinkering with at the moment? 

Making the TEDxAugusta and Augusta On Ice events fantabulous.

6: What are you interested in learning?

The meaning of life… just kidding, sort of. Professionally, I’m looking to learn ways to be involved in Augusta’s tech and cyber community so I can help meet their housing needs as they flow in and out of our fair city.

7: What is your favorite sci-fi movie?

My first thought is to wonder if I’ve ever seen one… when I look up the best of all times though, I enjoyed Avatar the most… I’m a sucker for a good love story.

8: If you have not lived all of your life in Augusta, where else have you lived?

I”ve lived in Augusta most of my life. However, I’ve also spent significant periods of time in Freiburg, Germany, as well as Alexandria and Richmond, Va, and coastal Georgia.

9: If you could see one thing happen in Augusta in the next 5 – 10 years, what would it  be?

I believe that the influx of people who will flow into town (read: strangers) will eventually turn our community’s tides of not being able to make that shift from “good” to “GREAT” that we’ve all been holding our collective breath for for the last 20 years. I don’t care WHO gets it done, I just want it to GET DONE. # secondfiddletogreenvillenomore

10: Core Values are: Risk Boldly, Honor Your Commitments, Be Worthy of  Trust, Give More Than You Take, and Share Solutions. Which core value do you best  exemplify and why?

Right now, the theme of my existence is RISK BOLDLY. Want to know why? Let’s get together and chat, and I’ll tell you all about it!

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Located in a historic 1802 Schoolhouse, our space is divided into two wings. One for learning and prototyping, and one for coworking and business incubation. Our membership comes from a wide variety of backgrounds that all consider themselves some measure of hacker, maker, and doer. I am an architect. We have entrepreneurs, business people, teachers, engineers, designers, artists, and Jacks and Jill’s of all trades, and of course many software and hardware developers.

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