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Towards the end of 2016, member Annette Arrigucci approached about starting a monthly meet up focused on using JavaScript. This complimented the Python user group, PyAugusta, which we already had meeting at once a month. Building off of the success of PyAugusta, the JavaScript group adopted its format of presenting a lesson or facet of JavaScript followed by members of the group sharing their recent discoveries.

Organizer Annette Arrigucci recently shared, “The Javascript Meetup is going strong heading into its sixth month. So far we have covered Leaflet, React, Angular 2 and GraphQL vs. REST APIs. Our presentations have been geared more toward beginners; however, the meetup has also drawn those with more experience with JavaScript and JS-based libraries and frameworks.”

The core group of members take turns leading each monthly meeting, sharing a particular application of JavaScript. “The ‘lightning talks’ session at every meeting has offered a chance to hear about an even wider range of topics, including Git and continuous integration,” said Annette. “It’s also been exciting to see new faces at every meetup so far.  We hope to continue our progress in helping new and returning members learn about the ever-changing JavaScript landscape.”

The JavaScript Meetup comes together on the fourth Thursday of every month, from 6:30-8:30pm. Be on the lookout for write-ups on our other Meetups coming in the future, including PyAugusta and SwiftAugusta.

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