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This June, we are kicking off a new quarterly technology series for children called Tim’s Nerd Talks, hosted by Tim Lowe. Get in on the ground floor of a future trending vocational boon!

‘Hobos with Ototos and other Careers in Circuitry’ is the topic of the first gathering. Tim will cover the fundamentals of making electronic music with virtually anything that will carry a current. Tim is bringing his banjo to deliver some interactive musical knowledge droppings about building instruments using circuits and there may or may not be an opportunity for an epic post to your social media profile involving a face-melting fruit solo. You’ll have to show up to find out!

To give you a sense of what’s in store, Tim shared, “Ever wonder how a decent understanding of the fundamentals of electronic circuitry can help prepare you for a future career as a wandering vagabond minstrel making gobs of cash playing instruments made of only delicious fruit and vegetables? Me neither! Until today no one knew it was a thing!”

Tim Lowe is a data analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton.  His formal education is in French and Francophone literature, but has peregrinated through several linguistic, musical, analytical, automation, data modeling, educational, and electronic milieux as part of his pursuit of his evolving interests.  This circuitous vocational path currently has him in Augusta, Georgia working in data and security services and pursuing his hobbies of making electronic and Appalachian music of various sorts.

The first session of Tim’s Nerd Talks is Saturday June 10th, 10am-noon.

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