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The twelve weeks of theClubhou.se’s Code Bootcamp have come to a close. Taking a look back, it almost seems like yesterday everybody filed into the computer lab for the first time. There were some who recognized the challenges ahead, though as they progressed through the class, we could see their level of proficiency increase. As Web Development takes time and patience, it was encouraging to see students taking notes to study outside of class and contact the instructor with questions while working on their programming at night. That said, some students rose above and went beyond our expectations.

PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript are timeless skills which the students can take with them wherever they go. Having graduated from an intensive bootcamp also shows the determination necessary to complete a task and seek new knowledge. We were fortunate enough to have a class full of bright and motivated students who pushed forward through all class assignments no matter how difficult they became. The final few weeks of the bootcamp also involved preparing the students for job placement, creating resumes, and performing interviews with Augusta Technical College and some of our industry partners.

Charlie Bradley, one of the students, had the following to share during his address at the graduation ceremony:

“My previous area of expertise was print design. But now, thanks to the expert knowledge and superior hands-on teaching skills of our brilliant instructor, Nadeem Soharab, my classmates and I have the ability to literally ‘develop’ a new future for ourselves. Over the course of 12 weeks, my fellow graduates and I learned a lot and encountered many challenges. But we built a bond, encouraged one another and leaned on each other for support.”

On June 16th, each of the ten students were presented with their certificate of graduation at a ceremony honoring their accomplishment. Within twelve weeks, some students went from a basic understanding of code to producing Full-Stack applications. Other students honed their skills and found a focused career they would like to pursue. With that, the students can now go out and demonstrate what they have learned and show their true potential within the industry.

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