Code Bootcamp: The First Month, by Nadeem Soharab

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It’s been four weeks since the launch of theClubhouse’s Code Bootcamp and the students are well on their way to becoming entry-level Full-Stack Developers. It’s been an intense month for all ten students and we’ve come a long way since our first week of learning Web Development. Each of the students have successfully created their first Web Application project, a personal website reminiscent of a blogging platform, complete with both Front-End and Back-End.

Our Front-Ends focus highly on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while the Back-Ends are written in PHP and use MySQL as the database. I was quite ecstatic to see everyone take to HTML and CSS rather quickly, the students were all very self-sufficient in researching elements and properties on their own. It was also very entertaining to see the various different design and coding styles each student demonstrated. I will admit, design was not everybody’s strong point during the first week, though after the second week, there were massive improvements in everybody’s approach. Some students would spend an hour or two meticulously planning out each layout, while others would simply jump right in and learn through raw experience.

I was somewhat worried about the JavaScript and PHP portion of the class as those are both very logic heavy languages and require some level of understanding programming fundamentals. My qualms were dispelled as students began to quickly understand the patterns of how functions and data work together. They never cease to amaze me and surprisingly are well-ahead of my original schedule. In four weeks, we’ve conquered HTML layouts, CSS Properties, JavaScript, Administration, Material Design, Authentication, Image Uploading, Validation & Sanitization, Programming Fundamentals in both PHP and JavaScript, and transferring data between the Front-End and Back-End.

It does sound like we’ve done a lot in just four weeks, but it gets even better. Full-Stack development is in no way meant for the unmotivated beginner, but luckily my students are highly motivated and I’ve eased them into complicated concepts without overwhelming the students. While we learned JavaScript, we also learned ReactJS and while we learned PHP we also learned Laravel. ReactJS and Laravel are two of the most popular and well-documented libraries/frameworks, absolutely necessary for modern Web Development and highly sought after in today’s tech industry. That being said, this means we covered concepts such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete), and even created our own APIs (Application Program Interface.

It’s been one hell of a first month, I am enjoying my time as a teacher. My proudest moments are when I can delegate tasks to the students with minimal instruction and they will complete them without any necessary guidance. I’ve limited my lectures to only covering topics that would apply to all students or doing topical overviews. Aside from that, most of my instructions are given on a one-on-one basis in regards to a specific question or idea a student may be curious about. My goal was to have the students begin coding as soon as possible, which allowed them to visually learn their limits and then go beyond those limitations. By the end of this class, each student will possess a myriad of skills and the ability to prototype any idea they want to make into reality.

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