Code Bootcamp: Month Two, by Nadeem Soharab

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With less than three weeks left, we are now in the final stretch of’s Code Bootcamp. In the last month, the class has tackled their second project and have been introduced to a number of new industry partners. For the past month, each student was tasked with developing a Back-End and Front-End for one of our industry partners, the Sumo Robotic League. In contrast to the first project, we wanted the students to experience taking a Back-End first approach and learn to visualize data without having a Front-End of their own. I’m proud to say, each student was successfully able to stay true to the CRUD model and create a RESTful API with routes that tested perfectly in Postman. Safe to say, we drilled in the idea that the Back-End must be fully functional before anybody could continue on with their Front-End. What’s more, I was completely impressed by the quickness and efficiency of the students. Since they were able to reference their own code from their previous project, the students were able to work on the second project with little help from myself and finish their Back-Ends within an outstanding week.

Our industry partners have been a great help in providing the students with insight into the local companies around Augusta, GA. The class was able to tour Wier/Stewart and RSI, while other companies such as AppVizo and SRNL paid a visit to us. We could see the presentations and guest lectures instill more curiosity in the students and many of them were highly motivated to pursue jobs at these local establishments. With the bootcamp quickly coming to a close, five of the students were already offered entry-level positions with the industry partners. The students are now powering through their third and final project in teams of two. We’ve gotten many questions on upper level concepts such as Angular2 and we highly encourage our students to pursue knowledge even outside of the bootcamp and provide them with the resources to do so. It’s safe to say, the Code Bootcamp has been a roaring success for both the students and the local technology sector.

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