2017 NASA International Space Apps Augusta Wrap-Up

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Participants were punctual and geared for success when they arrived Friday April 28th for this year’s Space Apps Challenge!

theClubhou.se hosted the Augusta location of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge for the fifth year in a row. Over thirty people spent their weekend developing solutions to challenges created by NASA! Troves of data were provided by NASA including weather patterns, satellite flight paths, population density, UV radiation, and more. Teams used this data to come up with their own ideas of how to present the information to the public or create new designs.

A few teams chose to work on designing a HAB for use on Mars, including Team Peepo, who’s design is below. A couple worked in 3D-CAD while one group went with a physical, scaled mock-up.

Space Apps Augusta

A one -man team tackled data concerning the effect of aerosols on our atmosphere. He offered up two solutions for how to collect more data, finding that the data provided only scratched the surface. Read more about Cooling Combatants.

AL2D2 had some returning participants from last year who folded in a few more to their team to present a multi-faceted solution to

Space Apps Augusta

Another one-man team won the youth category! Mason Rogers created his own challenge, assessing the over-abundance of satellites in the atmosphere. He presented an idea on how to minimize the number of satellites in orbit and optimize each satellite for multiple functions. Read about his satellite project!

Space Apps Augusta

Wavez was a power trio of programmers who incorporated data sets of beaches to develop an application for crowd-sourcing real-time information. This app will be used to inform users of everything from traffic to shark spottings to undertow and more.

Space Apps Augusta


Thank you to our sponsors this year:  Booz Allen Hamilton, EDTS, Gate 1 Military Sewing and Laundry, CONima, & Jeffrey L. Foreman CPA PC, TAG, The Caldwell family, RSI, SRSCRO, and Moonpies.


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