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IntelliGenesis, LLC. moved into the Augusta market not too long ago, and in short time, they reached out to establish a connection to Read more about their company below.

1: Provide one sentence about the company that works as a nutshell explanation/mission statement.

To enrich our customers’ missions by directly applying our multi-disciplined analysts, mission-focused software developers, and machine learning data scientists to solve our customers’ most difficult challenges.

2: What does your company do in the Augusta market?

We provide exceptional technical expertise to meet customer mission challenges in Intelligence Analysis, Machine Learning/ Data Science, Analytics Development for Big Data, Software Lifecycle Support, and Research & Development. Our personnel are cross-functional subject matter experts who understand the technology development process and serve as liaisons between developers and the operational community. We enrich technologies with in-depth domain understanding and innovative perspectives to bridge technology, research, and operations to support dynamic mission needs.

3: How does IntelliGenesis find value in being a corporate sponsor of

IntelliGenesis has been in the Augusta area for the last four years and we have been sponsoring events for middle schoolers through AFCEA once a year. IG is always looking for ways to promote STEM in the community for the youth specifically girls. The Clubhou.seprovides that opportunity along with an environment that fosters ideas and growth of ideas for all ages. The provides a space where all ages, disciplines are embraced and empowers collaboration.


4: How long has IntelliGenesis been a corporate sponsor?

IntelliGenesis has been a corporate sponsor for the 2017 fiscal year and plan to continue support for years to come.


5: Is IntelliGenesis hiring locally?

Yes.  We are actively looking for talent and experience for our active programs as well as upcoming opportunities as new contracts are awarded.

6: What are some of the qualifications to work for the company?

Though qualifications range depending on the program for which one is hired, there are a few common requirements such as:

o   Must be a U.S. Citizen

o   Active clearance with polygraph (future programs may only require eligibility for such)

o   Minimum 2 year’s experience (some programs require more)

7: For what positions?

We are presently looking for those seeking positions as:

o   Language Analysts

o   Intelligence Analysts

o   Mission Managers

o   SIGDEV Analysts

o   Digital Network Analysts

In the event, an opportunity is not available locally, but available through us at other locations, we present those options as well to our candidates. 

8: Who should our members contact if they want to apply for a position within the company?

Interested candidates can apply through our website, which is updated daily to reflect current openings. Additionally, candidates can reach out to our Senior Recruiter:             

Wayne Bye


9: How has your company worked with in the past?

IntelliGenesis partnered with the clubhouse on a few events in 2016 fiscal year as IntelliGenesis was getting more involved with the community in Augusta.

10: Favorite thing about being a corporate sponsor of

The allows the community to explore, invent and find new ideas, learning techniques and avenues to be creative. This fosters teamwork and healthy competition among businesses and people. This think tank is creating and fostering a positive environment for all ages and backgrounds. 

11: Why should other companies also consider sponsoring

Augusta has so many exciting things happening with Cyber and we have the ability as corporations to make this a success for our schools, our community and our businesses. This is our chance to say thank you to our city and be part of the momentum forward.

Would your company like to be a corporate sponsor for  As a non-profit we are always looking for partners who support our mission and want to give back to the Augusta community.  Please contact for more information how you or your company could benefit from our endeavors.

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Located in a historic 1802 Schoolhouse, our space is divided into two wings. One for learning and prototyping, and one for coworking and business incubation. Our membership comes from a wide variety of backgrounds that all consider themselves some measure of hacker, maker, and doer. I am an architect. We have entrepreneurs, business people, teachers, engineers, designers, artists, and Jacks and Jill’s of all trades, and of course many software and hardware developers.

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