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Girls who want to code, we’ve got a great opportunity for you here at theClubhou.se in January! Melinda and her dad, Ed Elser, are going to explore Arduino for five weeks, every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30pm.

If you’re in 7th grade or higher, join Melinda and her dad as they walk though how to load and manipulate Arduino sketches in the Arduino computer interface (IDE). We will end with a display, mounted in an enclosure, that will randomly display inspirational messages that the students programmed. The students will take the boards home with them at the completion of the course.

Day One, 1/3: Learn how to connect the Arduino to the computer, and how to get it talking to the IDE. We will load and play with manipulating the Blink sketch.

Day Two, 1/10: Learn what all the arduino can do, specifically we’ll talk about the sketch we will be using to display random messages on a two line LCD display.

Day Three, 1/17: We’ll connect the Two line LCD display to the Arduino, and program it to display the test message in the sketch.

Day Four, 1/24: Programming the arduino to display random inspirational messages! And mounting the board in an enclosure.

Day Five, 1/31: Finishing anything that has not been completed on day 4. :)


This class is free to members of theClubhou.se! If prospective students are not members, they can join here. The charge for non-members is $100, payable by check or cash at the first class. Register on the class page here to secure your spot!

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