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Thomas Gordon recently joined up with, bringing an interest in operating systems, networks, and programming.

1: How did you come to be a member of

I had been curious about for some time. Eventually I got up the courage to attend PyNight, with the help of the lovely Savanna Stephens, showed up to a Beer & Bytes, and I loved it. I began showing up more and more. Now I’m a member.

2: Describe the moment you decided what you wanted to do when you grew up? 

That definitive moment never came. I still want to be many things. But the ship has sailed on astronaut.

3: What do you do in your current work?

I am an IT guy at Augusta University. I am also a student.

4: What is an expertise you have that you would like to share with others?

I worked as a stained-glass artist for some time. I am also a really mean Princess Peach when it comes to Super Smash Bros.

5: What are you tinkering with at the moment?

Well I am always tinkering with my Arch Linux operating system. I think it’s called ricing? —borrowed car-culture terminology for taking a cheap car and adding cool car components I guess. I’m not a car person. I know zilch about cars. Savanna makes fun of me for this. She is a car person. I am also busy working on some procedurally generated music. And learning how to cook. Tinkering with potatoes I suppose.

6: What are you interested in learning?

More programming languages. Energy efficiency systems, like such homes. I’d like to build a sustainable energy fortress of solitude one day. But not too solitudinous. And uh..learning some cool new Magic the Gathering deck. That’s a fun game …but probably costs more than building a fortress.

7: What is your favorite sci-fi movie?

Does Stranger Things count?

8: If you have not lived all of your life in Augusta, where else have you lived?

Philadelphia and Texas.

9: If you could see one thing happen in Augusta in the next 5 – 10 years, what would it be?

A much more vibrant maker community, more artists, and more techies. More bike lanes too.

10: Core Values are: Risk Boldly, Honor Your Commitments, Be Worthy of Trust, Give More Than You Take, and Share Solutions. Which core value do you best exemplify and why?

Share Solutions. I truly believe everyone benefits when knowledge is made free and open. I am very pro-GNU and thankful for the open source community. Community is very important. The communities that support and share the arts and technology are always healthier than communities that do not. This is why I decided to join

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Located in a historic 1802 Schoolhouse, our space is divided into two wings. One for learning and prototyping, and one for coworking and business incubation. Our membership comes from a wide variety of backgrounds that all consider themselves some measure of hacker, maker, and doer. I am an architect. We have entrepreneurs, business people, teachers, engineers, designers, artists, and Jacks and Jill’s of all trades, and of course many software and hardware developers.

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