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Booz-Allen-Hamilton is a corporate sponsor of Christina Purkapile is one of our main contacts with the company’s firm here in Augusta and she took some time to tell us a bit about BAH and it’s partnership with

1: Provide one sentence about the company that works as a nutshell explanation/mission statement.

Booz Allen Hamilton is dedicated to bringing capabilities through management consulting, engineering, technology, strategic innovations and products to our clients.

2: What does your company do in the Augusta market?

Booz Allen has a large footprint in Augusta which supports multiple clients across the Department of Defense, as well as the commercial market.

3: How does BAH find value in being a corporate sponsor of

Booz Allen prides itself on supporting community efforts through volunteer work provided by its employee’s, as well as monetary contributions. Booz Allen’s Community Partnership efforts in Augusta are focused on STEM support to the community, and has proven to be a successful partner in spreading STEM education across the CSRA.

4: How long has BAH been a corporate sponsor?

While Booz Allen has only been a corporate sponsor for for several months, our relationship has existed for several years now.

5: Is BAH hiring locally?

Booz Allen is always looking to employee the highest caliber of consultants within the CSRA to support multiple efforts across the community.

6: What are some of the qualifications to work for the company?

Booz Allen supports several different opportunities in the area, from SIGINT discovery analysis, target analysis and reporting, and ALLSOURCE analysis, as well as many other technical positions.

7: For what positions?

8: Who should our members contact if they want to apply for a position within the company?

9: How has your company worked with in the past?

Booz Allen has supported restoration projects for, as well as organizing monthly PyNights, NASA Space Apps Challenge and supporting TEDxAugusta.

10: Favorite thing about being a corporate sponsor of

Christina Purkapile’s personal statement “I enjoy watching the mentorship between BAH volunteers and children. During our PyNights, and when we supported the NASA Space Apps Challenge, I was amazed at the capabilities of the children (middle and high school), and wondered if didn’t exist, where would these children go to grow their creative ideas and technical skills? Sponsoring and volunteering for events within the organization, allows us to know there is an outlet for creativity and fun learning across STEM subjects within the CSRA.”

11: Why should other companies also consider sponsoring

Because you guys ROCK! :)

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