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A new exhibit is on the walls of theClubhou.se which highlights Perfect Storm, one of theClubhou.se business members, and the service they provide in this space.


Perfect Storm Art Enrichment Center is based out of theClubhou.se and run by members Xavier Jones and Sheldon Eastman. Combining their decades of experience in art, and specifically in manga and comic books, they teach a variety of ages throughout a regular week. Last week, they hung an exhibit which exemplifies the range of techniques they teach, including artwork of their own and their students. An opening reception was held this past First Friday with folks in the community coming out and the students sharing about their experiences of creating the art.


Throughout the main room of theClubhou.se, artworks are clustered into similar themes or foci. Eight still-lifes showcase the Saturday morning class of youngsters and their myriad of color schemes. The teen students have their work arranged together, allowing each to present the top of their art game. Xavier and Sheldon contributed pieces to illustrate the steps of the processes taught in both traditional and digital drawing.


One of the most awesome parts of opening night was when students of Perfect Storm gathered around a table with their drawing materials and had had an art jam. Conversation was flowing as the pencils drew, laughter erupting regularly as the students do what they do: creating art and community!


Of course, students of Perfect Storm learn about different media, how and when to use them, and develop their technique. Another aspect of Perfect Storm is the mentoring that goes along with the lessons. Nearly everytime you walk in ear shot of Xavier teaching a student, you’ll hear a conversation about how art relates to everyday life, as well as the history of the technical process. The context of art is used to touch on topics outside of art, rounding out the experience to encompass all of life. It is really an interesting approach to art that endears the students to Perfect Storm and makes the experience much more enriching.


The exhibit will hang through the end of July. Swing by, peruse the art, and strike up a conversation with Sheldon and Xavier if they are around!

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