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I am very pleased to announce that 7hills Makerspace will will be moving to a new location under the leadership of nForm Technologies, an innovative company founded by brothers, Denny and Christopher Nolan. nForm Technologies will be taking over the website, all social accounts, and the email list.  They will be writing and posting more about their plans and location in the coming weeks, which includes investments in additional equipment and broader community and educational efforts.

Denny and Chris were two of the earliest members at 7hMs back in 2011. Denny was preparing to go away for college, and Chris was a high-schooler at the time. They both contributed to our founding and growth in countless ways – including the mentoring of many other members. We are thrilled that Denny decided to return to Rome after college and start a company that epitomizes the maker movement. nForm Technologies seeks to solve various hardware and software problems, getting the job done creatively with maximum return to the customer.

Chris will be leading the charge to expand the makerspace under the sponsorship of their company. They have been busy renovating and organizing their facility and we’re excited to track their progress and support their efforts.  I know that the community will be benefit tremendously from their ideas and energy.

The lease of the iconic Masonic Lodge is coming to a close and we will be wrapping up our move-out at the end of this month. It is a bitter-sweet time.  While are sad about handing over the keys and moving out of a space that has meant so much to so many, we are filled with pride and fond memories of our time here.

What I am most proud of is how Rome has embraced the maker movement.  Even as we transition to new leadership, other spaces are growing throughout the community: HackBerry Lab, Darlington School Robotics Lab, Elm Street Elementary STEM Lab, and even our own secondary project on 5th Ave, Makervillage.  We are witnessing the transformation from Rome as a “community with a makerspace” to a true maker community.

My company, Civitium, is continuing to grow the software-as-as-service startup CrowdFiber that was incubated here with additional hires and customers around the world.  I will shift my focus in the community to supporting Tricia with the building of the new co-work facility and code school at Makervillage.  I believe this transition will help highlight the distinction between the entrepreneur-minded Makervillage non-profit organization and the sponsored 7hills Makerspace place for community tinkering and learning.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our members, the organizations and people who supported us, and the many friends we made around the country. Happy making.

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