Maker Fellowship: 4th Quarter

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Georgia Technology Authority provided a grant to last year which made memberships and mentorships available to local students and teachers for one year. In that time, participants completed quarterly projects, with some projects building upon one another to create a year-long endeavor. held a final presentation night on Tuesday April 26th. So here’s a wrap-up of that night!

Ethan Kohlbacher spent all four quarters creating his own quadcopter from scratch. Beginning with the initial vision of a solar-powered quadcopter, Ethan adjusted to the constraints of battery life and begun planning. With a cardboard mock-up done, Ethan set to work ordering parts and constructing his prototype out of foam core. Ensuring the technical aspects worked, Ethan began designing the chassis and arms in the 3D-CAD program OnShape in order to 3D-print the components. Switching over the mechanics, Ethan had an operational quadcopter. The end of the program saw Ethan making tweaks to improve the design, showing there is always room for improvement.

IMG_2914  IMG_2904  IMG_2934

Kaleb Worku jumped into video game design using Python programming within Unity3D. The programming he learned and implemented gave attributes and actions to components within the platform. In the case of Kaleb’s FPS-styled game, this includes weaponry, how the projectile flies, movement, etc. After the third quarter ended, Kaleb decided to focus on rendering his own object in 3D-CAD. Below, you can see a stage of the car Kaleb has been working on, drawn out and extruded to create the form.

IMG_2927  IMG_2907

Aeden Worku spent her year concentrating on aesthetics. She began by exploring animation, documenting her progress on her blog. Going against the grain, Aeden shifted from creating sequential images to still images for the latter half of the year. She opted to use acrylic paint on canvas, focusing on vibrant fluorescent color schemes.

IMG_2906 IMG_2922


William Parker and Nathaniel Carrion worked together on their Fourth Quarter project. Using the Sumo Robot League robots, they attached bluetooth receivers in order to create apps for controlling the bots remotely. They then used an Android app developer for use on tablets and wrote Python code to be implemented via laptops. They also designed a couple of scoops to determine optimal shape for controlling foosballs in a game of Sumo Robot soccer. All of this experimentation was done to create better performing applications and designs.

IMG_2918 IMG_2920 IMG_2941


Thanks go out to all of our participants, mentors, and especially Georgia Technology Authority for a great year. Even though the Maker Fellowship has come to a close, can still work with members to partner them with mentors. If you have a particular project or line of inquiry you are exploring, contact Chase Lanier [ ] to see about possible mentorships.

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