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theClubhou.se member Dan Bjorklund recently gave a talk for one of our Cyber Month Lunch & Learns in May. He took the time to share his expertise in precautions for safe internet use in the home and business. Last year, he ventured into entrepreneurship. Read on for more about Dan’s company, Community Cyber.

1: What is the business?

Community Cyber is a cyber security company focused on the needs of homes, families, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the community. Our mission is to increase cyber security awareness, understanding, and practice in the communities we serve.

2: When and where did you found it?

Founded in April 2015 in SC near Aiken but primarily run online.

3: Any significant experiences/skills that (with hindsight) influenced your business?

I’m a retired Army Officer with experience in communications systems, computers, and networks.

4: What appealed to you about entrepreneurship?

The ability to focus on the mission and product without large organizational distractors.

5: How did you get the idea?

Watching media coverage of cyber security issues presented as “watch out, or else!” without any offered solutions or mitigations.

6: How has your idea progressed over time?

Same main focus though more rounded out services to meet additional needs: Such as being a small, rural Internet Service Provider for an underserved community.

7: How did you find your co-founders (if applicable)?

Former military service member colleagues

8: How did you fund the business?

Self funded

9: How did you market your business?

Social media, is there any other way?

10: Who are your main competitors?

Don’t really have many direct competitors, though there are quite a few other cyber security consultants

11: Best piece of advice?

Understand that building a business takes time. In many cases it takes a lot of dedication and faith to see it through.

12: What next for you?

Hopefully, reducing some of my other consulting work to focus on my business.

13: How has working out of theClubhou.se benefitted your company?

Great support and environment with a place to network with like-minded folks and space to host events.

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