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We’re rounding the track and heading into the final quarter of the Maker Fellowship.

Alex Bustos has progressed with the 3D printer he has designed, printed, and built. The original concept was to create a mobile printer, though the project has evolved past that initial idea. Alex was able to showcase an operable printer for the quarterly showcase, all while answering a myriad of questions about the intricacies of his design.

Ethan Kohlbacher was a few parts shy of completing the quadcopter he has designed. The electrical parts have been attached, wires connected and the flight test awaiting the remaining couple of parts. This delay was the result of a replacement part for the 3D printer being needed; though he is back on track. This is the first version following the prototype which was constructed using foam core. The prototype verified that the wiring was correct and it took flight! The fourth quarter should showcase any adjustments to the original design.

Rita Waller has been learning CAD within Blender to enable her to create animations for use in the college classes she teaches. As a professor of Respiratory Care, Rita is taking the opportunity to animate how the lungs receive proper medication. She hopes to begin implementing these animations in her classroom this time next year.

Kaleb Worku shared with us his progress in the use of Unity3D for video game graphics programming using Python. He detailed for us the code he has implemented to construct his First-Person character and their weapon. As well as how to direct the character’s movement.

This quarter, we decided to extend the offer to other members of to share with the community. This invitation to all members allows us to see what one another is working on and find like-minded makers. Envision it as a show-and-tell evening. This quarter, member Dan Washburn explained to those in attendance his tinkering with an Arduino kit, eliciting a lot of questions about how the programming works. Program Coordinator Chase Lanier brought in examples of his art from the past couple of months, providing an aesthetic aspect amidst the technological projects.

Be on the lookout for the next Quarterly Exhibition in early Spring. You can join us as well! Contact Chase Lanier ( ) to learn more.

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