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The bots are back to battling and better than before!

Members of Eric Harrison, Will Ashby, Grace Belangia, and Eric Parker have teamed up to present Sumo Robot League. This is packaged as a kit to build a fully functioning fighting robot, sumo style. Similar to other fighting robot kits on the market, Sumo Robot League provides a variety of expansions in it’s curriculum.

Eric Parker shared, “We really believe in robotics as the best method to introduce students to coding, but existing robotics programs are all very expensive and most are team based, only offering a handful of students per school the opportunity to actually write code. We have worked hard to engineer low cost kits to allow every student to learn coding and take part in a competitive tournament for just $100, and can teach an entire class for less than half the price of an 8 person team in other programs.”

The kit includes 3D printed parts, electrical components, and a 24-hour curriculum. Students can progress at a rate conducive to their class or program. Once the robots are completed, it’s time for the competition. An area annual competition will follow for all participating students in Spring 2016. And as Parker states, “The best part is, like the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby Program, every kid gets to keep the robot they built at the end of the season.”

The group has designed a robotics curriculum to accompany the robotics kit. This encompasses wiring, soldering, and programming. Being 3D printed parts, there is an additional option for the students to augment the design in 3D-CAD and 3D-print unique parts. The standard programming will enable the Sumo Robot to be autonomous, having a defined course of action set into motion upon powering up. If the students decide to make their Sumo Robot remote controlled, they can wire in a bluetooth receiver and design an app to direct the actions of the bot.

As Cyber Command grows and our city’s tech companies continue to expand, Sumo Robot League is a great way to get more students excited about STEM education.

The kits are scheduled to begin shipping to participating programs in January. If you, your school, or extracurricular program is interested in taking part in the Sumo Robot League, visit the website to order kits.


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