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Making is indeed in full effect with the members of our Maker Fellowship.

The Summer Exhibition took place September 15th at to close out the second quarter of the Maker Fellowship. Participants are full members of and they have been partnered with other members who act as mentors. A tremendous thank you goes out to Thane Plummer, Pete Hughes, Eric Parker, and Isabelle Smith for being mentors for the summer quarter.


Alex Bustos has progressed with his plans of building a mobile 3D printer. Alex has designed and printed many of the components of his printer. Along the way he shifted measurements from standard to metric for continuity. He also moved the extruder to the upper part of the apparatus, having it print along the X and Y axis from above, and the printing table lowering on the Z axis.



Aeden Worku has been experimenting with the basics of animation. Creating images in Microsoft Paint, she then creates a GIF of the images in sequence, adjusting for frame duration. Her longest frame count is around 17 right now, though she plans to increase enough to create a narrative of illustrations and storyline.


Michael Townsend is working on programming in the context of apps and games. This quarter he concentrated on an educational game whose objective is to have the user correctly match the upper and lower parts of letters. The letters then can be arranged to form a word. The big jump in Michael’s work came through incorporating Blender to create uniform alphabets in lieu and creating each letter individually. He then imported these letters to Unity3D to program the game.


Ethan Kohlbacher has created a quadcopter from scratch. Ordering the parts necessary for the size copter he wanted, Ethan then ran all the wires, programmed the controls, and attached everything to a temporary, two-ply foam-core chassis. This was adequate to ensure all wiring was correct and executing successful test flights. Ethan’s next stage is to design a chassis in 3D CAD to print with the 3D printer.


Kaleb Worku has been developing his programming skills in Unity3D. This quarter he continued work on a first-person, zombie-shooter video game. He has defined the main character’s height, mobility, and control of the weapon. He will continue to develop the parameters of this character and it’s interaction within the game.


William Parker has arrived at reading music via the need to program an Arduino to “play” music that he programs for it. William transcribed sheet music from ‘The Hobbit’ into program language for the Arduino to play upon prompting. So this was a twofer which mixed art and technology.


Rita Waller has been working within Blender to create a 3D rendering of lungs which she may use in an instructional capacity. Implementing tutorials and the help of mentors, Rita has taken advantage of the computer lab regularly to work on her project.

We’re always welcoming new mentors to share their knowledge and experience. If you are interested in being a mentor at, send an email to

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