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Perfect Storm Art Enrichment Center is an art instruction business created by theClubhou.se members Xavier jones and Sheldon Eastman. They have been operating out of the space since last winter. Get to know them and what makes them tick. The questionnaire was completed by both Xavier and Sheldon. Their responses are differentiated when necessary by their respective initials (XJ) and (SE).

1.     What is the business? Our business is a community based art enrichment center.

2.     When and where did you found it? Jan 15, 2014.

3.     Where is the business now? The business is now located at 540 Telfair Street inside theClubhou.se.

4.     What were you like in school? (XJ) Curious and inquisitive. (SE) Quiet and shy.

5.     Any extra-curricular activities? (XJ) JROTC, VICA, VOCA, DEKE, FBLA, Red Cross Youth Services, Leadership Development, Teachers Assistant DFA, Boys State, and Art Mentor. (SE) N.J.R.O.T.C., N.J.R.O.T.C Rifle Team, Honor Guard, Chess Club, Art Club, and Art Mentor.

6.     Any significant experiences/skills that (with hindsight) influenced your business?  (XJ) Wow, Gertrude Herbert Art Institute, Artist Row, DFA, Red Cross, Church, The Voices of Franklin, Art Gro, and Episcopal Day School. (SE) Church, Episcopal Day School Art Program, Richmond County Jailer (patience)

7.     Any previous entrepreneurial experience? Lessons learned? Lessons from ArtGro and Aimego Dei. (SE) In house artist for a fashion magazine in Louisville, Kentucky.

8.     What appealed to you about entrepreneurship? (XJ) If you wish to make changes in Services or Product, you will have to counter existing services/products with alternatives. (SE) Putting my skills and talents to use as a commodity.

9.     How did you get the idea? Gertrude Herbert, EDS Art Enrichment, ASU/GRU CED, ArtGro Programs, and Aiken Center for the Arts.

10.   How has your idea progressed over time? We are so innovative as a business we discover new things every day.

11.   How did you find your co-founders (if applicable)? Heard about them through Artist Row.

12.   How did you fund the business? Customer, Family, and Friend Support, as well as personal finance. All of the above…

13.   How did you market your business? As an alternative to traditional after school and continuing art education programs.

14.   How did you choose who to hire (if applicable)? We had to find likeminded innovative thinkers who didn’t mind fighting to build something new.

15.   Who are your main competitors? After-school programs and established art training facilities.

16.   What have you learned from your competitors (both successes and failures)? Failures: Marketing and advertising are crucial. Communication and establishing relationships are a key importance. Successes: Our mentoring style is very well liked, and so is our approach on teaching.

17.   What does a typical day involve for you? How does that compare to your team (if applicable). How has this changed over time? At this point it is defining our innovation. We are so new at what we are doing that pegging down what will be the foundation that will be our primary function is imperative. We are mentors first and build around that objective.

18.   Favorite books?  (XJ) To Kill a Mocking Bird, Frankenstein, The Red Badge of Courage, Think and Grow Rich, Andromeda Strain…all science fiction, comics, and graphic novels.  (SE) The Dresden Files, The Bible,Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham, all science fiction, comics, and graphic novels.

19.   Favorite movies? (XJ) ANY SciFi, Animation, Action, Drama, Superhero, Slice of Life, and or Comedy. If it is written well and produced well I am good. “But since you’re asking. Shhhhhhhh. Godzilla…” 😉 (SE) Most Sci-Fi, animation,The Prince of Egypt, Formula 51, Evan Almighty.

20.   Favorite entrepreneurs? Ben and Jerry’s, Richard Branson, Steven Jobs, John Lasster, Walt Disney,

21.   Best piece of advice? (XJ) Listen to your Gut, and Research, Research, Research, while building lasting trusted relationships and your business will be founded there. (SE) Be courteous to people you meet on the way up, because you never know who you will meet on the way down.

22.   Common misconceptions about your business/entrepreneurship in general? That we only do Manga, Anime, Comics, and such… That it will fold if it is too innovative.

23.   What is next for your business? Perfect Storm The Production Company

24.   What next for you? “Only God knows at this point…”

25.   How has working out of theClubhou.se benefitted your company? Where shall I start? The likeminded thinking, the qualified support, the diversity of makers, hackers, artist, designers, craftsmen and women. The accessibility to innovations and innovators that would usually be found in tradeshows, Fortune 1000 environments, and corporate America, in little old downtown Augusta. The shared space, Beer and Bytes with people from all walks of life sharing and comparing, as well as collaborating. I could write a book on all of this. In a couple of years from now they will say this is where it all started.

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