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Technology is changing the way we live. From automating massive numbers of jobs, to making basic tasks easier, to allowing us to communicate more efficiently, technology has fundamentally altered the way we live. Part of our mission at Four Athens is to help educate the community on the power and benefit of technology.

This fall, we are excited to announce a number of initiatives that are opening the doors on the seemingly mysterious power of technology. At Four Athens, we are focused on educating three segments of the population: kids, college students, and adults. Anyone has the ability to learn to code, create, or build with the right instruction. We look forward to seeing you in a class!

Some upcoming opportunities:

Introduction to Programming.
Level: College/Adult
Length: 12 weeks (~3 hours per week in class)

Software is eating the world. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Programmers and developers are in serious need around Athens, Georgia, and the country and it’s not hard to get started. This 12 week program is designed to give you the skills to get an entry level position at a company and begin your journey as a developer. Or, it’s simply a great educational experience to know what those tech people at work are talking about.

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Introduction to Programming
Level: Kids
Length: 3 hours

Don’t let your kids miss out on learning code. It’s as important, if not more important, than learning a foreign language…because it is one! By the time people under 15 enter the workforce, all aspects of their careers will be touched by code. This course, using a programming language designed specifically for kids, will introduce core concepts, be engaging, and let students walk away with their very own designed game.

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Introduction to Electronics
Level: College & Adult
Length: 3 hours

In partnership with Hackyard Athens, Hardware hacking is exploding in popularity! Want to make your toaster talk to your washing machine? Maybe through an old rotary phone? Whatever floats your boat, you beautifully creative person. Before you start ripping things apart though, you might want to know the basics of how they work.

This class will go over the very basics of electronics. We’ll start with what electricity is, and how it is controlled. Some elementary circuits will be built on a breadboard as an illustration of the principles of directing electricity for constructive purposes. We’ll review fundamental electronics equations and principles visually.

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Build your Own 3D Printer
Level: Adult
Length: 3 days (~4 hrs per day)

3D printing is taking over the world! In the near future, everyone is going to have a 3D printer in their home. Get ahead of the curve and learn the finer points of 3D printing by owning your very own.

This class will provide all the parts needed to build your own 3D printer and instructors to guide you through the process of building it. The printer being built is the Prusa i3. You can see the specs here:

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Four Athens believes that Athens possesses all of ingredients necessary to create a strong technology startup hub. By working diligently to connect the necessary talent, mentors and funding, we feel strongly that the community, and region, will benefit by supporting the local entrepreneurial community. Startups create jobs, provide economic stability and are incredibly cost-efficient to launch. By connecting the existing components in this town, Four Athens believes it will be able to assist in the creation of Athens as a respected startup hub

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